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Adherence Packaging

Do you or a loved one struggle with taking the right medications at the right time? It can be complicated for many patients to keep up with their daily regimen. Table Rock Pharmacy & Compounding can help with this with through our Dispill service. Dispill is a specialized cell-based package that can be tailored for your medicines and schedule. Scroll down to learn more!


Dispill is an innovative and patented multi-dose packaging system that makes it easy to take your medication. Each Dispill pack contains 28 individual blisters that contain your prescribed medication for specific times (morning, noon, evening, bedtime) and date.

Dispill makes it easy.

Improve Adherence &
Reduce Errors

Printed labels provide personalized instruction. With Dispill, you can be sure you get the right medication at the right time. Dispill is especially helpful for patients who take multiple medications at different times of the day.

Maintain Quality of Life

Say good-bye to pill boxes and single-dose bingo cards. Once enrolled in Dispill, you’ll never forget or mix-up your medications. Plus, the perforated cells make it easy to take doses on the go.

Monitor & Assist

Quickly see whether patients have taken their medication or not. Dispill allows you to have a quick reference med list to help communicate with doctors, caregivers, and loved ones.
Our Dispill service is also available for nursing and group home contracts.
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