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Free Local Rx Delivery

Feeling too busy to make it to the store? Maybe you're homebound? It's alright, we've got you covered. We'll deliver meds straight to your home or office.
Best yet – it's totally free!



You've probably seen our car. Now take advantage of it! We make it easy. Come to Table Rock Pharmacy & Compounding where the service is top notch and you get medications brought straight to your home or office. This is not just for people who can't drive. As long as you're within 5 miles of the store, delivery's on us!


Save Time & Gas!

We love to see your smiling face walk through the door, but we get it–you’re busy! Free delivery can help ease one of your errand burdens. We’re happy to deliver to your home or office.

Friendly, Caring Drivers

We pride ourselves on hiring all-star personnel. Our drivers are professional, courteous and careful with your medicine and property. They’re downright some of the nicest people you’ll meet all day!

Can’t Beat Free

Your prescriptions-no delivery fee, no hassle, and all smiles! Call us today for free delivery within the city limits of Morganton.

Let us know when you're ready to meet delivery Dave!

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