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Welcome to a easier way to take your medication.

There are literally hundreds of plans to choose from. You can also have co-insurance, subsidies, and even a thing called a donut hole that can make or break a plan! We take the time to work with you on a one-on-one basis and factor your specific drugs into the calculation so you get an accurate picture of what exactly you will owe annually and monthly. Plus, we'll help you pick a plan that gives you power to choose where you fill your medicine.

Why should you let us help you choose a Medicare plan?

Get a convenient synopsis of your plans with an easy to enroll link provided.
Save money by choosing from the cheapest options.
Find an option that will allow you to work with Table Rock Pharmacy & Compounding!
Get a real-time quote of what your medicine will cost monthly/annually.
It's completely FREE if you're currently a patient.
Review all possible Medicare plans if desired.