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Rock Paks

Welcome to a better way to take and manage medications and supplements! Rock Paks are a customized medication packaging solution for patients of all types. Say goodbye to pill planners and bottles — quickly take your dose with the tear of a Pak!

Why Choose Rock Paks?
  • No more bottles or weekly planners
  • Fewer missed doses = improved health
  • Supplements and medications combined
  • Convenient on-the-go tear-off packs
  • An entire month’s worth of meds in 1 box
  • No need to worry about missing refills
  • Easy to open packs
  • Triple verification with photo records

I've heard enough, this is awesome.


Your Health. Your Schedule.

Everyone's medication and supplement schedule is unique. Oftentimes you're taking multiple medications throughout the day which can be difficult to keep up with in our busy lives. Rock Paks helps simplify that by organizing all your doses into pre-filled packages that are easy to administer, keep track of and take with you while you're out and about. Stop toting the entire bottle or doling out the appropriate medications and simplify your schedule with Rock Paks.

Shout-out to the Caregivers

Are you helping to care for a loved one? Chances are you’ve witnessed first-hand the struggles of medication management. From packing pill planners to managing medication changes and refill requests, it takes a lot of time! Rock Paks eliminate that burden, saving you time and stress so you can focus on being a caregiver and not a pharmacy.

Adherence is Everything

Whether it’s one medication or several, staying compliant really determines the
success of therapy. With Rock Paks you are much more likely to adhere to your medication regimen because you’re dealing with just one pack instead of juggling several bottles. It’s also very easy to tell when a dose is missed.

Prescriptions + Supplements in One

Combine all your therapies into one Pak. Maybe you’re only on a couple prescription medications but take supplements as well — no problem! We can package them all together to give you everything in one, custom-labeled cell. We can even build a Pak tailored specifically for you that targets the nutrient deficiencies caused by your prescription medications.

Rock Paks for Facilities

Rock Paks are a great option for group homes and long term care facilities. Table Rock Pharmacy & Compounding operates as a combination pharmacy (retail & long term care) and is fully capable and compliant to service long term care facilities. Here are some of the great reasons to partner with Table Rock Pharmacy & Compounding for your facility.

Photographic medication records for every Pak that goes out the door.
Free daily delivery.
Paks can be custom organized in a manor that meets your facility.
Reduce medication errors.
Reduce medication organization burden on staff.

I'm ready to ease the pharmacy burden at my facility.

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