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COVID-19 + Flu Testing

We currently offer a combination Flu + COVID-19 test . All of our tests are performed in accordance with CLIAA-waived lab certifications. 

We currently do not bill insurance for testing services.

COVID-19+Flu A/B Combo Rapid Antigen Test
PRICE  $75.00    TIME 20 Min


Cover All Your Bases

So you're sick, tired & achy. Is it flu or COVID-19? The symptoms are very similar. This test helps you find out which one's got you down. Once we know, we'll work with your doctor to get you on the right antiviral. This test is our only nasopharyngeal test, thats the one that goes all the way back! We wanted you to know in case that's a deal breaker. It's also performed curbside at the store and the results can be securely emailed once complete.

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