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Birth Control Prescribing

We are thrilled to offer this exciting new service to our patients! Recent legislation has now given trained pharmacists the ability to both prescribe and dispense your birth control. This is a great, low cost and fast way to get access to your contraceptives.

Birth Control Consultation
PRICE  $40.00    TIME 30 Min

  • Did you know that in North Carolina, you no longer need a doctor’s prescription for birth control pills or patches? We, at Table Rock Pharmacy, offer a consultation to help you choose the best method for you. 

  • There are a lot of contraceptive methods ranging from hormonal pills, transdermal patches, or barrier methods which makes it challenging to decide which method is best for you. 

  • It is important to note that no method is 100% effective and none of them guarantee prevention of STDs. 

  • If you need help choosing your contraception method, or transitioning between methods, make an appointment on our website to meet with one of our pharmacists.

  • Note that some individuals are not eligible for a pharmacist-prescribed birth control option including but not limited to: those with high blood pressure, history of breast cancer or on certain medications commonly used for seizures.

I'm ready to book my birth control consultation at Table Rock Pharmacy and Compounding.
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